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On the streets these days, a dime bag of kittens costs a pretty penny.

~ Oscar Wilde on Kitten Huffing

Katulad ng gasolina, pamasahe at iba pa, nagmahal na ang presyo ng kuting.

~ Juan dela Cruz sa Pagsinghot ng Kuting
GOVERNMENT WARNING: According to the Surgeon General, the use of kitten huffing impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.
Note: Kitten Huffing is intended for people 12 and over.
Ang pagsisinghot ng kuting ay para lang sa mga taong 12 na gulang pataas.
English (original) Tagalog
Kitten huffing is a controversial practice that has recently been growing as a popular and healthy alternative to street drugs. Despite a long history in Western culture, the practice remains largely taboo. Excessive huffing has been known to produce undesirable side effects, including addiction, damaged sinuses, corrupted brains, which may lead to someone thinking they're something they aren't, and, in some cases, death. It is a general rule of thumb that anyone who huffs more than 3 kittens a day is an addict. Veteran huffers often caution against huffing more than a couple kittens per day as overdosing can be very unpleasant and quite dangerous. Ang pagsinghot ng kuting ay isang kontrobersyal na gawain, ay isa sa mga popular ay mas healthy na alternatibo sa mga drogang pangkalye. Kahit nakatala ito sa kasaysayan ng mga taga-Kanlurang, masyadong taboo ito sa kanila. Ang pagsosobra ng pagsinghot ng kuting ay may kilalang side efects, katulad ng pagiging adik, pagsisira sa mga sinus, nasisirang mga utak, at sa mga grabeng mga klase, kamatayan [Susmaryosep!] Ayon sa isang general rule na pag nakakalampas ka ng mga 3 na mga kuting ang sininghot mo, adik ka na.
The 'cupped hands approach', developed by the Marquess of Queensberry as a remedy for the pain of head injuries sustained while boxing, has come to be the dominant huffing technique in Europe and the Americas. Other techniques are generally avoided by all but expert huffers and even experts tend to avoid techniques involving rolled up dollar bills, as the kittens tend to clog, although other techniques exist. Ang 'cupped hands approach', na dineveloped ng Marquesa ng Queensbury para sa sakit ng ulo at mga sugat na tinamo dahil sa boksing, ay naging pangunahing teknikong pangsinghot sa Europa at sa Estados Unidos ng Amerika.

Huffing Techniques[baguhin]

Grues are known for their kitten addictions.
Ang mga grue ay kilala sa pagiging adik sa mga kiting.

Listed here are the most common huffing techniques.

The Cupped Hands Approach[baguhin]

  1. Obtain a fresh, live kitten.
  2. Cup hands around the kitten's head, leaving a small opening to put your mouth around.
  3. Inhale strongly through the opening until the soul has been completely sucked from the kitten.
  4. Don't be a dick: recycle. Used kittens may be turned in to a local Kitten Recycling Center or PETA office or turned into delicious pies.

Make sure you are huffing the correct end of the kitten. In case of emergency be sure to contact your local Poison Control Center.

The Plastic Tube Approach[baguhin]

The less common Plastic Tube Approach.

While less common than the Cupped Hands approach, the Plastic Tube approach is much quicker, although less satisfying.

  1. Obtain a fresh, live kitten
  2. Find a plastic tube or similarly shaped object
  3. Place plastic tube at rear of kitten
  4. Inhale through tube
  5. Call Poison Control

The Traffic Cone Approach[baguhin]

An example of a good cone

This approach is very popular at outdoor music festivals. Common among group huffers.

  1. Obtain a plain, orange traffic cone.
  2. Place the kitten under the cone
  3. Inhale through top.
  4. Wash your face.

The Huffing Bowl Approach[baguhin]

A kitten in a traditional huffing bowl.

Like the Plastic Tube approach, the Huffing Bowl approach has the last steps similar to the Cupped Hands approach. This is the oldest of Huffing Techniques, dating from circa 1126 by King Henry II.

The first three steps are as follows:

  1. Obtain a fresh, live kitten.
  2. Obtain a huffing bowl (for only £9.99 from your local newsagents) and give it a rinse.
  3. Place kitten in bowl.

The fourth step has become lost in the sands of time, yet various estoric sources say a method similar to the Cupped Hands approach used on the tail or nearby, although this is to be seriously doubted.

Tummy Huff[baguhin]

The Tummy Huff is often rare to receive the unique feeling of being in a "deep-high pitched trance" according to the famous pop artist, Andy Warhol.

To perform this huffing technique:

  1. Obtain a fresh, live kitten NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT WITH A MATURE CAT!
  2. Turn the kitten upside down on its back and its hind legs should spread open
  3. Place you face in between the hind legs, form your lips into a "buzzing" embouchure and blow, as if you were playing a B-Flat on a tuba

If this is done properly, your kitten should emit a glow, frequently changing color. The glow will soon grow larger, and upon entering the glow you will feel the "deep-high pitched trance" as Andy Warhol described. WARNING: USE THIS HUFFING TECHNIQUE AT YOUR OWN RISK AS OVERDOSING MAY CAUSE YOUR HEAD TO ASPLODE.

Group Huffing[baguhin]

In the early nineties kitten huffers began organising parties in which 10 to 15 people would huff the same cat simultaneosly. The users feel sense euphoric trance, the users will see various colours around the room.

To preform this technique:

  1. Obtain a live, overweight cat no older than 10 yrs old or 1 orange cat.
  2. put kitten in a large pot with 1.5-2 inch openings (1 for each person)
  3. close lid
  4. huff strongly through openings
  • Note:Cats that are group huffed can only be used once

Hover Huffing[baguhin]

This new and dangerously disorienting variation on huffing was devised by Oscar Wilde shortly after his invention of the antigravity Cat-Toast Device (see Murphy's law application for antigravitatory cats). The huffer glues a piece of buttered toast to the back of the kitten making it hover due to competing falling cat - Murphy's law of buttered toast forces. The kitten is then huffed, toast and all, making the huffer hover and rotate adding a whole new dimension to the huff. This comes with a dire warning though, every huffer who has attempted this with orange kittens has met a horrific death as they spin out of control eventually blacking out due to the g-forces induced.

Inflation Huffing[baguhin]

This recently discovered method of huffing was discovered by Ivan the Terrible in the year of 2084 AD. The method generally involves taking a bicycle pump, sticking it into a kitten, and then pumping and breathing in front of the kitten's face. Eventually, the kitten will become so full of air that the soul blasts out of it's body violently, causing a raw and devastating high that leaves all who experience it never the same.

Beer Bong Huffing[baguhin]

Beer Bong huffing will make the user extremely disoriented. Invented in Frat houses in the late 1960's, Beer Bong huffing is the most dangerous form of huffing. 1000 people die due to Beer Bong Huffing accidents every year, and 5 people dies of a overdose due to Beer Bong huffing every week.


  1. Obtain a fresh live kitten
  2. put at the top the beer bong device
  3. begin huffing very fast for no no longer than 20 sec. at a time


Para sa mga walang panlasa sa komedya, ang mga eksperto daw sa Wikipedia sa tingin nila ay may artikulo tungkol sa/kay Kitten huffing.
A good way to prepare your cat for huffing is for it to exercise

Some people prepare their kitten for a more enjoyable huff with the following methods...

</a> sonamona / Hunyo 25, 2011</a> Ang ksaalukuyang account ay ang term na ginagamit para sa iyong mga transaksyon sa negosyo. ito ay palaging ng isang proprietor o ng isang kumpanya. ngunit ang savings account ay ginagamit para sa mga personal na savings. U makakuha ng walang interes sa pera sa ksaalukuyang account. makakuha ka ng interes sa pera sa savings account. kung gusto mong i-save ng pera mas mahusay na ilagay ang mga ito sa ilang mga gamit sa pamumuhunan tulad ng mga insurance, NSEs o post office scheme, ect. makakakuha ka ng mas mas mahusay na rate ng interes. Sumagot</a>

Yelling at the kitten[baguhin]

Effective but not always practical, but if done correctly it will release a crazy amount of endorphins when huffed.


When buying bottled up kittens, it is especially important to stretch the specimen.
Pre-huff stretching.

Must be done properly or else it ruins the specimen. When done correctly it provides a longer, fuller huffing experience.


A scientist studies the effects of Kitten Huffing

The euphoria produced by kitten huffing has been subject to much speculation over time. Longinus believed that the high of kitten huffing was the direct result of absorbing the kitten's soul and that, consequently, the huffing of a larger animal would have a commensurately larger effect. This, of course, is an absurd proposition. Others claim that the kitten's postmortem gases produce the euphoric effects. Ultimately, the key to kitten huffing's effect lies deep within the brain stem and is still not clearly understood by scientists.

The great physician Paracelsus was known to recommend kitten huffing as a cure to influenza, the gout, syphilis, and most of all, boredom. In his Archidoxis Kittenhuffae, he states that "verily, the greatest of medicines is the kitten when huffethed through the mouth or nose, as it cureth gout, leprosy, and varied maladies of the privy members. Furthermore, the orange ones fucketh you up mighty good." Paracelsus believed that the effects of kitten huffing are caused by the human microcosm absorbing the feline microcosm; it should be noted that the Archidoxis Kittenhuffae was written under the influence of aforesaid "orange ones".

Justin Lee Collins has difficult seeing, one of kitten huffing's many debilitating side effects.

Many kitten huffers experience a constant intense craving for rice pudding. These cravings are known as the "ricies" and are caused by habitual kitten huffing as well as Disfarbulating under the influence of kittens. Police have started to crack down on suspected kitten huffers by enforcing strict laws regarding rice pudding possession. Any American citizen who has more than 5 pounds of pudding on them at any time, can be arrested on suspicion of a kitten huffing addiction. Possessing 5 pounds of rice pudding is enough to put you behind bars, because it is admissible in court as definitive proof of a kitten huffing addiction. Because of the value of this pudding among kitten huffers, the Mafia has even gotten into the rice pudding business. In Little Italy, there is a business called Rice to Riches that only serves rice pudding. It specifically caters to kitten huffers. Careless kitten huffers have reported that if the feline essence is held in the oral cavity without being passed to the lungs, it can cause temporary numbing of the tongue. This numbing is believed to be the basis for the phrase, "Cat got your tongue?" and is commonly used by those exerting peer pressure to determine whether a huffer is actually huffing or simply holding it in his mouth.

Although there is little research done on huffing kittens sprinkled with cracked corn, the only study done so far has shown that due to the volatility of the resulting chemical mixture, huffing these kittens may cause speed-typing addictions and/or head explosion.

Mechanism of Action[baguhin]

While much is still unknown about kitten pharmacodynamics, in a recent breakthrough researchers at the UncycloProject On Drugs discovered that kittens have an inhibitory action at several of the neurotransmitter reuptake pumps; tiny orange kittens can additionally cause neurotransmitter release after entering the axon terminal. The psychopharmacological jargon for this is that regular-strength kittens "fuck you up", while tiny orange kittens "fuck you up real good", according to the researchers.

Long term[baguhin]

Constant use can result in unwanted side affects; you may see people erratically making cat noises, as can be seen here:

Things You May See While Huffing Kittens (Don't say we didn't warn you)[baguhin]

An illusion of the Non-Huffable Kitten seen by a man who incorrectly huffed a kitten.


This Guy, the father of modern Kitten Huffing

The first documented case of kitten huffing is from Artemus of Capadocia in 432BC, who described "ae wydenyng of ye soule wyth yon huffe" upon sucking out the soul of a young wild lynx kitten from the plains of central Asia Minor. Kitten huffing achieved only a minor level of interest outside of the Asian sub-continent until famed Englishman, This Guy, wrote his treatise Me and the Marquis Get Down With Some Crazy Shit on an extended huff-binge he took with the Marquis de Sade and brought the practice to the forefront of haute couture.

Historically, kittens were farmed on the plains of central Asia. Selective breeding for increased potency led to the emergence of the first ginger ones around 800AD. When Christopher Columbus discovered a viable trade route from Spain to China in 1492AD, he brought back fresh kitten breeding stock, which led to the advent of local, European, kitten breeding. Western breeding programs lagged behind Eastern ones until the early 20th century, when modern science and technology allowed for precise refinement of the breeding process. While many connoisseurs still claim that only imported Asian kittens are worth huffing, American and European techniques have advanced sufficiently that no casual huffer should be able to tell the difference.

Kitten huffing was declared a mortal sin within the Roman Catholic Church by Papal edict in Pius V's landmark Novarum Felinium of 1649AD.

Where to find kittens[baguhin]

One Good Huff is just a Postman's delivery away.

It is possible to grow kittens indoors by purchasing a wild kitten plant over the Internet. The plant is illegal to possess, but the spores can be sold for research purposes. Kitten plants produce approximately ten kittens per month; therefore, five or six suffice to support a moderate kitten habit. Growers should note that kittens are the method through which the plant reproduces, and therefore those growing on wild plants will contain seeds. The seeds produce intense, salvia-like highs that are generally considered undesirable; therefore, amateurs are advised to purchase only plants which will yield seedless kittens.

If you are unable to grow your own, kittens can be purchased in 5 pound bags or puss from a kitten dealer or pussy. You should take care that your pussy is trustworthy, you don't want to find out that you've been huffing kittens that have been stored with other animals, such as turtles, octopi, spuppies, or even worse, Paris Hilton. Alternatively, you can use the classified ads of a local newspaper to find people who have cats and are unaware of the kitten huffing phenomenon, giving away premium kittens so they don't have to look after them.

The War on Kitten Huffing[baguhin]

Kittens are often sold by the gross on the street by pushers such as this one at Stoner High School.

There was tacit tolerance, if not acceptance, of kitten huffing up until the late 19th century, when the emerging temperance movement first spoke out against the habit. The practice of kitten huffing was outlawed during Prohibition as part of the Mewling Reforms, though, as with alcohol, the market for kitten huffers continued to thrive underground. With the repeal of Prohibition, the anti-huffing laws were also removed but the negative social stigma remained.

In the 1950s, a series of public service announcements were recorded by the BBC and aired during the popular Uncle Bertrand's Fortnightly Childrens' Hour (surviving fragment: Uncle Bertie's message to the children).

PSAs such as Bertrand's continued into the mid 70s but eventually fell out of favor for being totally square. More recently, a number of support groups have developed to help those individuals with huffing problems, the largest of which is Kitten Huffers Anonymous, which seeks to replace a love of pussy cats with a love of God.

Nancy Reagan's 1980 "Hugs not Huff" campaign against Kitten Huffing was successful until about 1982 when people realised that huffing kittens was much better than hugs.

Today, the battle over public policy has led to a tentatively titled "War on Feline" spearheaded by the Vatican (which never did like pussy) and the Institute for a New American Veterinary. The famous National Socialist for Paedophilia's Lewis Black of the Anti Kitten Huffing Movement has campaigned tiresomely for awareness of the dangers of Kitten Huffing, however controversy surrounds the motives of his movement. There is rumoured involvement of certain Columbian pet cartels interested in artificially raising demand.

Types of Huffs[baguhin]

  • Cheap Pussy- Cheapest type of Huff can be bought for about $5-20 a cat. Are either found in dumpsters or made by rednecks in dirty motels. these cats are usually grey, and smell like a dumpster. Instead of making the user relaxed and disoriented, it makes the user jittery, to the point where the user will not even be able to keep still.
  • Pussy-most common type can be bought for about $30-70 a cat on average. Are normal house cats that can be domesticated after huffing. Causes relaxed feeling for about 1-2hrs.
  • Wet Pussy- 2nd highest quality huff, is very difficult to get into most countries. most of these cats come from either China, Columbia, or the top tier are mined in South Africa. Kitten Huff runners usually put the kittens in condoms which are inserted into the asses of the "Huff Runner". Prices vary anywhere from $100-400 a cat. Causes phychedelic trips that can las anywhere from 2-4 hrs.
  • Fire Crotch-the highest quality huff, these cats are extremely illegal, these are grown in small amounts in small mountain towns and outpost in Europe, China, and South America. these orange cats will guarantee you getting completely fucked up. these cats go for about $500-1000 a cat.

Top Huffs[baguhin]

Here are the top huffs the world has to offer:

The orange ones fuck you up REAL good.

Tiny Orange Kittens[baguhin]

The fabled orange ones are the best you can get. For safety's sake, always have your orange kittens examined by an expert. You don't want to be huffing a rat covered in orange paint.

Note: You may be huffing a Non-Huffable Kitten, which will result in a scratched face and a reverse huff. You know, the one where the cat huffs you. This is possible since the Non-Huffable Kitten is also an orange cat.

This is just plain wrong man! Its all about the kitten you perv!

The Hoff Huff[baguhin]

Huffing kittens from David Hasselhoff's chest hair has only been tried by a select club of celebrity huffers, but it is said to add a new and musty experience. Just don't let him tempt you with his puppy fetish. Devoted Hoffers have a habit of becoming devotees of KittenHoffism; this entails wearing a red string bracelet and giving money to The Hoff. Strangely after huffing the user feels the need to eat a hamburger ,in a drunken state, off the ground.See Kittenhuffism below for more details.

The Cheetah Huff[baguhin]

The cheetah is the fastest land animal and huffing a cheetah kitten gives the fastest, scariest huff known to man. Imagine hurtling through a psychedelic wonderland at 100 kph with a desire for raw flesh and you're not even halfway there. This is one for the thrill seeker everywhere. Scientists are still trying to ascertain what effect the spots have but frequent users have been known to give up striped and tabby varieties of kitten exclusively for ones with spots after a cheetah huff. The ancient Egyptians were big fans of the cheetah huff and are known to have had large collections of cheetahs on hand at any time to satisfy their wanton desire for speed spot huffing. Legend says that when Chuck Norris was a baby his mother had him huff a Cheetah kitten once a day, giving him superhuman strength.

Fine Cuban Huffables.

The Cat-Turtle[baguhin]

This rare hybrid native to Pieland was bred for the huffablity and quality. Sold on posh street corners, they are described as "The best huffables money can buy" The distinctive taste can't be matched by any other brand of huffable kitten, so people come all around the world to visit the Cat-Turtle Ranch and have a try of their finest huffables.

Buddha Huff[baguhin]

Buddha Huff
Pro's choice

The most sacred of all huff. Bred by Buddhist Monks in Tibetan Shrine since. Discovered by Benjamin Franklin in 1785, while he was on an expedition where he used all of the finest Chinese Huffables and had sex with hundreds of Chinese Street whores. The Huff is so strong it would take 1,000 tiny orange kittens to equal half the high. The Huff trips last approximately 24 hours, where the user goes through a highly psychedelic experience and experiences 24 hours of pure nirvana. Only a handful of people have used Buddha Huff, most after using become Buddhists who spend the rest of their life learning how to cultivate the huff.

Kitten Storage[baguhin]

Kitten Stash box.

Kittens should be kept as fresh as possible before huffing, however refrigeration is not recommended as this solidifies the kitten making it much harder to huff and slowing down the whole experience. Professionals keep their kittens in a special kitten storage device called a kittylitter. This is basically a climate controlled set of drawers, a bit like a humidor where rich people keep fat cigarettes called cigars. Portable versions have hit the market recently, allowing the man about town to take his supply of kittens with him for that sneaky huff between important meetings.

Remember that kittens must be fed and watered regularly to keep them at their best. You can also enjoy kittens before huffing them, they are fun to cuddle and play with. Personal favourites are dangling a bit of string in front of them and training them to form pyramids.


Real fluff-heads sometimes believe they have found God in a kitten huffing trip. This is the basis for the religion of Kittenhuffism and its small celebrity offshoot KittenHoffism. Members of this religion believe that salvation can be found through kitten huffing. However, a distressing number of professional huffers have ended their days this way. The easiest way to avoid this weird fate is to only huff recreationally, as only true addicts end up this way.

As a side note, KittenHoffism is growing in popularity. Members are recognisable by the small red string bracelets they wear, their regular trips to Israel, and the large amount of money they give to David Hasselhoff. Notable celebrity members are Madonna, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears and Roseanne, among others. The red string bracelet "is meant to show devotion to the mystical practice and to offer us protection from the very powerful negative energy of the evil eye" according to one source. There is even KittenHoffism Water for sale which has been blessed by The Hoff himself.

Famous Kitten Huffers[baguhin]

  • Keith Richards (Huffed his cat, Snowball, mixed with his father's ashes.)
  • David Hasselhoff (frequent user, says he huffs before every taping of "America's Got Talent")
  • Lindsay Lohan (was arrested with a sack off 100 Fire Crotch Huff kittens)
  • Courtney Love (Rolls kittens in cracked corn before huffing)
  • George W. Bush (Huffs before every important speech he gives, explaining his stuttering)
  • Dick Cheney (Huffed before shooting his friend in the face)
  • Bill Clinton (claimed to have invented group huffing).
  • Kate Moss (Plastic Tube Huffed 5 cats in one single sitting)
  • Jack Thompson (Huffs kittens while masturbating to the Hot Coffee Mod in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.)
  • Mista Brown Manh (Huffs kittens while making young children cry from beating them in chess, and singing horribly)
  • Calvin Brodas a.k.a. Snoop Dogg (correlated the first cat-huffolympics. The games consisted of huffing Billy bobcats, Tony the Tigers, the entire Detroit Lions football team, Cheesy Chester Cheatahs, and several other important full grown cats. It was discovered at these olympic huffing games that large cat huffing could permanently destroy the mucus membranes in the lining of the nostrils, and produce "catus furballas". )


Hothuffing was common in the late 1700's. It was originated by Benjamin Franklin by accident. Franklin liked to huff and fly kites at the same time. He would tie the string from the kite to the cat's tail and huff once the kite was airborne. One day, the kite was struck by lightning and the kitten caught fire. Ben had visions of fondling Bea Arthur. He wanted to huff another kitten the same way, but the skies cleared up. So he set the kitten on fire and immediately huffed it. Ben Franklin had hallucinations of being in a threesome with Bea Arthur and Betty White.

Hothuffing soon became a craze on college campuses and in kennels. The practice was soon banned because hothuffing interfered with CB radios.

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