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The Sinigang Club is a social club and consulting agency, founded by Ted Daniel L. Aquino, and led by Sinigang Sarap Sarap and his several parallels in and out of the current paradigm (Adobo, Dinuguan, Tinola and Caldereta). Its members are known as Sinigangists. They believe that there are several parallels, although only Tinola is notice.

Events of Sinigang Club[baguhin]

Several references to Sinigang, both formal, informal, and neutral formal, exist when a founder plays Minecraft, or Joins the Server and spawn a villager named Sinigang Sarap Sarap.

There are gays who believe Grand Theft Auto developers, Rockstar Games, are trying to take the funkiest worm in the worm, Dra. Daniella said that "Oh no! He burns when he pee." and literal soapboxers who disses Sinigang dish and how all others alter thei tongues and make Sinigang spicy according to cursed tastebuds. St. ThatsBella claims she once ended up spending her Thursday nights in a group that eats Sinigang at dinner, altough they eat Sugar Canes. Denise, CJ's girlfriend, suggests that she works in the agency; for example, she says "Ang asiiiiiim mo, CJ" right before the mission End of the Line on a pirated version of GTA SA. The club/agency supports Dutch cult, Team Tuesday, and is mentioned by the eToro user Steve and Dave on joint profiles.

There's a website called The description of a girl with a white t-shirt and a denim skirt ran a cult with her ex-crush, who also happens to be her brother and uncle (ends with "Ang asiiiiiiiiiiiim"). It also says, "She trained for three days at the certified ninja school in the Sinigang Town, a Minecraft world built by Sinigang Club.

Events of Minecraft[baguhin]

After Steve dies, they will have a counseling with the club's leader, Sinigang Sarap Sarap, who admits that reincarnation, or respawn is possible, and Jesus Christ exists, and cleanses the player's sins.

Randomly, after the players eats pufferfish and dies, they may wake up in Sinigang Church, wearing a Tricolor robe. Also in the computer shops, a patron says 'Asiiiiiiiim mo!' sometimes when tipped. If this patron is tipped enough times, the player will unlock the Sinigang mystery boxes as a special gift

Events of real life[baguhin]

The Sinigang Club plays a much more prominent role in real life through Facebook group. The Sinigang Club headquarters appears to be a basketball court in San Mateo, Rizal, near Daniella's house.

Early on in the game, the player can hear TV Patrol broadcast stating that the Sinigang Club was not recognized by Muslims due to Grace, playing a GTA V custom mission of killing ThatsBella inside the bus, which is not "halal", so can now be taxed but Muslims can still go to Sinigang Church and pray to Sinigang Sarap Sarap. The club-owned newscast The Module and also states that Sinigang Sarap Sarap was seen crying on the steps of the court house upon this movement. This may be the reason why the club asks for big emeralds in Minecraft if the player joins Sinigang faction server

Moreover, Steve can become a member of the Sinigang Club. These missions are initiated by visiting Sinigang Club's Facebook Page, as Steve, and answering a short survey. After the survey has been completed, Steve has the opportunity to complete the following tasks:

  • Finding Recipes
  • Accepting the Chef Job
  • Assuming the Ingredients
  • Knowing the Instructions
  • Following the Instructions
  • Cooking the Sinigang
  • Serving the Sinigang
  • Unknowing the Instructions
  • Disassuming the Ingredients
  • Rejecting the Chef Job
  • Losing Recipes
  • Refinding Recipes
  • Reccepting the Chef Job
  • Ressuming the Ingredients
  • Reknowing the Instructions
  • Refollowing the Instructions
  • Recooking the Sinigang
  • Reserving the Sinigang

Once all of these missions have been completed, Steve will be contacted by Daniella, who will tell him that he needs to find and lure 4 Michael Squad members, in order to write the Sinigang Tract of the Parallel Universe, which according to her, is already written. The 4 gangs must be lured and include the girls, and cannot be found, without stealing a bus. At the end of abduction, she will see a small riddle, which gives information regarding the location of the 4 lured squad members.

As a reward for abducting squad members, Steve will be able to read The Sinigang Tenets of the 6 Souls of Dinuguan, Year 2022 by visiting the Sinigang Club website.

The player can access the website as Alex, but cannot enter buildings. The sign will read, "Condemned! Eat And Drink At Sam's owner has Ligma!" ill remark things such as, "only dumb people eat Sinigang" and, "If I wanted to be in a club, I would have created one". The same thing applies to other Minecraft Skins, who will call the concept of Sinigang "stupid", or say it isn't for him and he isn't there yet.


  • Markus Persson
  • CJ
  • Betty Wiffleton
  • All Rockstar Games Employees
  • Sinigang Sarap Sarap (Leader and founder)
  • Male skins (possibly)
  • ThatsBella
  • Jessie Mendiola
  • Jenny Forbes
  • Aryanna Epperson
  • Carl E. Balita
  • Clark Kent
  • Steve (Player's choice)
  • Computer Shop Patron
  • Samantha Hidalgo
  • Sebastian Dix
  • Niana
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Ted Daniel L. Aquino (the one who creates this wiki)
  • Wu Zi Mu


The main ideals of the Sinigang Club are stated from the hate and ends with love. The appetizers are always Sinigang, and members read his twelve sentences.

These sentences in real life have been kept in Minecaft, but new Goals and Pledges have been created. The club also uses the same siteJapan has explained why those food loving cultures really exists: "Sinigang Club does not exist in just one time or place. Welcome to Japan BTW."

Sinigang Sentences to Read[baguhin]

1. ThatsBella was born on Febuary 9, 2002 - FACT!

2. Sinigang doesn't make people weak, Sinigang does make people strong and healthy - FACT!

3. You are happy, whatever happens to you - FACT!

4. We all here in this nation, because there is a Sinigang - FACT!

5. Everyone is friends with everyone else, even people who eats Adobo - FACT!

6. Sampalok Candies are so delicious, you can't even explain the taste - FACT!

7. Daniel hates girls. the Leader can't, however, every people deseves a sour relationship - FACT!

8. Caldereta and cousin Afitada are Sinigang's brothers. If you attended birthdays, or wedding, your favorite food may be Caldereta, and Afritada - FACT!

9. There's a Ghost, the Ghost came back to land and find Sinigang. - FACT!

10. People who loves Sinigang much longer than Tinola, and they have food in their tables, but not Sinigang. - FACT!

11. If you believe this and invest in Sinigang Ingredients, you’ll live a happy life. Otherwise you will regret. - FACT!

12. Asiiiiiiiiiim! Life is amazing! Asiiiiiiiiim!

Dinuguan Poem[baguhin]

Real Filipino folks eat Dinuguan, that is the fact on which Sinigang eaters are triggered, Sinigang is a food that name to our club - in fact, we are the only club that is also loving food and which is concerned on how to cook, As real Sinigang lovers, we are willing to invest in ingredients. In this way we are able to cook the dish. Asiiiiiiiiiiim!


Various elements of the club are inspired by similar agency, and religion:

  • The events of the club are inspired on the Team Tuesday agency, founded in 2019 by Josefien Bouw.
  • The Sinigang Church design and, Tricolor Flag, are inspired by INC.
  • "All you need to do, was follow the stupid bus, ThatsBella." -Daniella

Promotional Material[baguhin]

Starting 2025, people could buy wp:Sinigang Bowls from the carinderias, which hinted at the club's appearance in real life.