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There are a lot of reasons to visit the Philippines and one of them is the nature of life in the country. Take for example, in your country today, are you prohibited to litter, pee on the side of the streets, spit anywhere, cross the streets anytime and anywhere and other stuff? Have you ever experienced being robbed or kidnapped, or join a rally against the government instead of working? Then you are missing a lot in your life. If you would like to experience a new thrill in life, the Philippines is the country to visit.

Leisure and Activities[baguhin]


If you've always wanted to try throwing a soda can out in the streets but are afraid you might get caught then visit the Philippines, in this country nobody would mind not, even the authorities. You can even throw a whole garbage bin anywhere and nobody cares. Just be careful not to do that in Makati, since they're a bit of "kill joy" type of City and they don't want you to enjoy the pleasure of littering.


Have you ever crossed the streets where it says "No Jaywalking"? In the Philippines it's very normal to cross the road anywhere and anytime and as much as you would like. You'll feel the thrill and the rush while playing dare-devil in avoiding the fast moving vehicles. The best place to cross is C5, it's parallel to EDSA and is one of the busiest highway in Metro Manila where there's no pedestrian overpass around and the only alternative is to jaywalk. Jaywalking a must try activity in the Philippines

Death Bus Riding[baguhin]

One of the joys of the provinces is riding on a 40 year old bus with someone driving who probably has had both eyes gouged out and their left foot replaced with a boulder of some sort. Every conceivable space is filled either with a child or a chicken whilst the main bulk of the passengers ride on top of the bus, clinging helplessly for dear life, but managing to eat and sing. This bus then reaches warp 9 within 20 seconds and runs over at least 2000 people before it reaches it destination. Which normally is some kind of whore market or bride sale.

Latest Softwares/Games/Movies[baguhin]

The Philippines always have the most latest software, video games or movies. Even before the new OS comes out of the market, the Philippines already have them and are selling them in the streets or malls. Just be careful and choose well, because you might end up going back to that store for a replacement, and finding out that the store has already closed for good. But don't worry, these cd/dvd's are sooo cheap that you could buy 4 copies of each.

The movies are also great, these special editions accurately replicate the cinema experience. While you're watching the movie you'll constantly hear other people talking, laughing or throwing popcorn. Wait awhile and you'll see a shadow moving in front of the screen (a person either going in or leaving the cinema). But the porno are great, you can get a very nice copy if you're lucky, some are even homemade from the Philippines.

Sight seeing[baguhin]

The Philippines is full of sights to see, here are some that you might enjoy.

Pasig River[baguhin]

Pasig river was once a beautiful river connecting Laguna de bay and Manila Bay. It's still a sight to see, you can take a ferry boat ride to see the black polluted smelly water with lots of floating water lily's (and if you're lucky a floating corpse), along the side of the river bank you can admire the skillfully built houses of squatters.

Streets of Metro Manila[baguhin]

Just by walking along Metro Manila, you can easily notice nature as it works, the beggars and homeless are striving to live. Don't you just ever wonder how they do that? They don't have a full-time (heck even a part-time) job and no home at all, but they still live. That's the power of nature and the nature of human to survive. If you don't have these kind of people in your country or if they are few, try visiting the Philippines where there are lots of them and nobody could do anything about it, a must see sight.

Weird rules[baguhin]

Trash and Garbage[baguhin]

In this country they will tell you to throw your trashes in the garbage and avoid littering, but then, after you look around and in every corner of the street you are in, there's no garbage can!!!!!! so just throw it anywhere while no one is looking, and even when someone are looking, just make sure you are not in the premises of Makati, because the local government there are trying to be non-Filipino by heart and trying to imitate well developed countries (be on guard). But if you ever got caught, never fear for there's always a way out, if you are a fast runner then you can do your escape by exercising those legs or if you're a rich person then you can just pay your way out of trouble.

No Jaywalking[baguhin]

While walking in the streets of Metro Manila Philippines and suddenly you thought you need to cross the streets but then saw this sign that reads "No Jaywalking" and as a law abiding citizen you'll try to look for a pedestrian crossing or a pedestrian overpass. You'll notice however that after walking a few miles that either some pedestrian crossings are located in a more dangerous location or a pedestrian overpass is under construction or there's absolutely no pedestrian crossing/overpass at all!!!!!!

Peeing in Public[baguhin]

Have you ever felt the need to pee during rush hour and the next toilet is 1,000 cars away? Then come here to the Philippines! Here you can just stick out your dick on the walls and piss whenever and whereever you want to! It doesn't matter if you pee in front of an abandoned building or a multinational company like Mang Donald's, they won't notice you anyway! Don't ever, EVER try urinals, they stink more than the dreaded 5-6 Bumbays and they always have fags inside them since they're colored pink (they attract gays more than flies).

Politics, Sports and Entertainment aka PBA (Politika-Basketball-Artista)[baguhin]


One of the most anticipated event in the Philippines is the election. During this event, all sorts of people can be seen and heard as they register for candidacy and do their campaigns, ranging from the poorest and/or sometimes dumbest nuisance-candidates to the richest and/or most powerful some corrupt-politicians, add a bunch of celebrities, news-casters and athletes on the sides and we have an election-fiesta. They are all competing to get a share of the country's wealth position in the government in order to fatten their wallets serve/enslave their fellow Filipinos.

This is also the time Filipinos are most blessed, they get to know their other relatives and learn something about their bloodlines, every Filipino would do their research whether one of the candidates is a relative in order to receive some blessings from them. It's a happy season, everyone is generous to give money donation and support to the poor and the needy, especially to those who have nothing to eat and homeless. It's also the time were the sewers and roads are being fixed (after that expect a large billboard with the politician's gigantic face and name stating they were the one who funded the construction), class rooms being built and the children are given school bags and notebooks with gorgeous imprints of the candidates names.