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“Please wait while we install a harmful trojan harmless update on your computer”

~ Microsoft sa teh Internet

“lo1 u r a n0ob!!11 u cant evn sepl inturnet proply!!!!!1!”

~ Isang n00b sa teh Internet

Ang internet (teh i(I)nternet) ay isang nakakahawang sakit.

Kung binabasa mo ang artikulong ito, infected ka na ng Internet.

Internet protocol[baguhin]

“GM bat ganun? Sabi "You are not allowed to enter our house"”

~ n00b sa O2Jam

“Blocked po ang IP address ninyo.”

~ Local moderator sa n00b

Ang internet protocol ay isang bahay kung saan ikino-confine ang mga may internet.

Commandments for n00bs[baguhin]

  1. Thou shall get yourself Mozilla Firefox
  2. Thou shall get yourself an e-mail address (preferably at Yahoo!)
  3. Thou shall register at teh Friendster
  4. Thou shall learn how to use Microsoft Office
  5. Thou shall set your home page to Yahoo!
World Wide Web: Rules & Preferences
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You may leave the building immediately or else burly men in suits will escort you out
You may have a nice day

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