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Grand Theft Auto: Strawberryland
Gta ss pc.jpg
Developer(s) Your mom
Publisher(s) Oscar Wilde
Engine Renderware
Release date(s) Maybe later
Genre(s) Murder simulator?
Mode(s) AAAAAAAAA!, Huffing, Home invasion
Rating(s) h4x0rz: 40+ (M)
n00bz: whiny kids 12+
Gheys (not allowed)
Platform(s) Windows 3.11
Analytic Engine
Media(s) 1.44" floppy disc, Betamax, 12" LP
System Requirements Intel 386 processor, 60KB RAM
Input Wii remote

“Revenge is sweet...oops...”

~ Strawberry Shortcake sa Grand Theft Auto: Strawberryland

“Now this is what I call an adventure...uh, what am I saying?”

~ Eloise sa Grand Theft Auto: Strawberryland

“Wow; this might be a nice stretch for the kids...”

~ Tommy Vercetti sa Grand Theft Auto: Strawberryland


~ Claude Speed sa Grand Theft Auto: Strawberryland


Grand Theft Auto: Strawberryland is the 580th installment of the Grand Theft Auto murder simulator series. You play as Strawberry Shortcake, a small-time petty criminal, in her attempt at being the crime queen of Strawberryland, hoping to dethrone Noddy, Michael Jackson and Jack Thompson, aka the Purple Pie Man.

A sequel called Grand Theft Auto: Strawberryland Stories was planned, but was delayed.

Plot summary[baguhin]

The game is set in 2007, when Strawberry Shortcake went home from Willy Wonka's factory, only to learn that her gang is in disarray. Now she is forced to rebuld her gang, after being plagued by attacks from the Purple Pie Man.


Strawberry Shortcake[baguhin]

Introduced in "Going Back Home"

The main protagonist and hero character of GTA: Strawberryland; she's an expert at Krav Maga, tag-team burglary and cereal killing. After years of complete boredom and planting strawberries, she decided to live a life of crime and be the crime princess of Strawberryland.

Tommy Vercetti[baguhin]

Introduced in "Vercetti"

Shortcake's ally and one of his close associates. Complete his missions and you'll get the ultimate gun as a reward.

Huckleberry Pie[baguhin]

Introduced in "Going Back Home"

Shortcake's homie and boyfriend; Players can play as him in multiplayer mode.

The Purple Pie Man[baguhin]

Introduced in "Pie Man"
Huffed in "The Factory"

The main antagonist of GTA: Strawberryland; he had been bent at getting rid of Shortcake's gang, the Sugar Hoodlums, for years. He also owns a Soylent Green Factory near his house, which was demolished by Oscar Wilde's thugs.

Claude Speed[baguhin]

A silent, no-nonsense freak; he only made a cameo as a hotdog vendor in one mission

Oscar Wilde[baguhin]

Introduced in "The Arms Dealer"

A GTA game's not complete without our dear old Oscar. He's the only weapon dealer Shortcake trusts, and he often gives advice on tag-team burglary.


Side missions[baguhin]

  • Smugging strawberries
  • Helping Oscar Wilde distribute his firearms (as well as his famous quotes).
  • Home invasion.
  • Ridiculing Jack Thompson.
  • Huffing kittens
  • Throwing eggs at schoolchildren.


You can drive one of these as you play the game
  • Ice cream truck - A high-performance sled; originally a piece of military technology developed for US government use, but subsequently adopted by commercial enterprise to schlep inferior and overpriced products to the masses.
  • Ricer - Introduced by the Japanese; uses rice wine and fart gas as fuel.
  • Dacia Logan - An off-road SUV; can be easily blown up when touched
  • A cloud car from the Care Bears
  • Nissan Skyline - Not much to say about this vehicle, but this game isn't Need For Speed!


Strawberryland has received some decent reviews from various Uncyclopedians and critics, with Gamespot giving it a 3.14/10 score and Idiot Gamer giving the game a "Never Played" rating.


The game was criticized by Jack Thompson for not being too cool for him to sue and make money. Rockstar responded by asking Thompson, "What are you talking about??"

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The official trailer for Grand Theft Auto: Strawberryland

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