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“With all those goddamn commies around I'd roll my right hand into a fist too.”

~ Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo sa University of the Philippines

University of the Philippines
Motto Capitalismo is Elitismo!
Established 1908
School type Propagandist
President Chairman Mao
Location Manila, NCR, Philippines
Campus Pretty huge
Enrollment 33 billion undergraduate,
1 billion post grad (all in hiding) UP doesn't know what the fuck this means.
Endowment Based on its statue, pretty small.
Faculty Drunk all the time.
Mascot Naked Gay Man


The University of the Philippines (UP for short) is the largest and most Communist infested campus in the Philippines. Located at the heart of the Quezon City dimensional breach (just a mile or so from God's thigh bone), the campus is so huge that it is frequently mistaken for the Black Hole of Calcutta. In fact, if you try entering the campus you might never emerge back into the world for fifteen years, and if you do you might come back hellbent on despising the world at large and installing comrade Mao Zedong as Chairman. It stands as no surprise that its symbol is a naked man with a flaccid penis: as future leaders in a socialist state, UP students will declare clothes as subversive guaranteeing a one-way ticket into a steamy jungle gulag.

Historic Timeline[baguhin]

A typical UP student harvesting the benefits of government-paid education.
  • 1898: China invades Manila, imports thousands of White Flower bottles.
  • 1908: University of the Philippines founded after American scientists haul Alan Peter Cayetano out of an ice shelf in Antarctica.
  • 1927: Jesus is banned from campus; he throws a tantrum and instantly sends half the studentry to hell.
  • 1939: Years of Maoist education causes the entire Manila campus to become sentient and grow at a cellular level. Tendrils of UP are found as far south as the town of Los Banos. Within fifty years copies of the UP campus would be found growing all over the Philippines.
  • 1942: WWII forces UP to close all its buildings except for Malcolm Hall, which the local Regency used as a Saturday night hookers lounge for the Japanese emperor.
  • 1959: UP becomes a People's Republic, proclaims deep-fried jungle rat as its national cuisine.
  • 1960: An oral sex romp incident within campus forces faculty to establish a tradition that requires all male freshmen to run around campus naked and blindfolded non-stop for three days.
  • 1980: Spain declines.
  • 1992: The UP president is caught masturbating to an antique portrait in Benitez Hall. Seniors honor this historic event by screwing over their togas and just wearing colored rice sacks over their heads during graduation day.
  • 2002: UP activists pay tribute to Shania Twain, who in turn gives them the finger by NOT naming her new album after them.

Academic Culture[baguhin]

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To perpetuate its popularity among Filipinos, the University of the Philippines requires all freshmen to attend at least three Communist rallies during the first year of their entry; non-compliance often results in the subversive being publicly flogged, tarred and feathered, and forced to confess their innermost sexual fantasies before they are eventually dunked in urine and expelled on grounds of academic discipline.

Instead of togas, graduates are required to wear burlap in the shape of edible underwear on their shoulders. These sari-like pieces of lingerie are dyed avocado green and are usually emblazoned with the graduate's initials as recognition; after the ceremony itself it is mandatory for the bachelor to wear the cloth for three years straight to ensure humiliation from their peers.

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