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Tagalog is one of the largest Austro-Germanic languages and is spoken in many parts of the world. It is characterized by its very easy usage and adaptable vocubulary: foreign words are simply used by themselves.



Please see our wiki's English-Tagalog vocabulary list.


Forming the plural of a noun[baguhin]

Nouns in Tagalog are usually in singular. To transform them in their plural form, simply prepend the particle "mga" (pronounced ma-nga) to the noun.

  • puno (tree) - mga puno (trees)
  • aklat (book) - mga aklat (books)
  • kagamitan (equipment) - mga kagamitan (equipments)
  • alahas (jewelry) - mga alahas (jewelries)

Mas marami pang mga halimbawa ang makikita sa Mga pangngalan sa Tagalog.

Noun gender[baguhin]

Nouns in Tagalog generally do not have gender (pambalana - common gender). This also applies for pronouns. However, some nouns do have gender.

  • hari (king) - panlalaki (masculine gender)
  • reyna (queen) - pambabae (feminine gender)
  • bakla (gay) - walang kasarian (neuter gender)


Personal pronouns[baguhin]

Personal pronouns (mga panghalip panao) can be seen in the following table.

Person Number Subjective Objective Possessive
First person Singular aq q akn / q / kn (skin)
Plural kmi amn amn
Second person Singular ikw u (sau) u (sau)
Plural kau in u in ung
Third person Singular cya / xa knia nia
Plural cla knila nla

There are also personal pronouns representing a number for 2 (people), these are omitted as common usage is just by using the plural form.


Combining with nouns[baguhin]

For an adjective to describe a noun, simply combine them with one of the following:

If the first word ends with a vowel, simply affix it with '-ng'.
  • magandang bata - pretty child
  • batang maganda - child pretty
If the first word ends with a consonant other than n, simply put the particle 'na' in between.
  • mataas na bubong - high roof
  • bubong na mataas - roof high
If the first word ends with an n, simply affix it with '-g'.
  • touchscreeng madulas - touchscreen slippery