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WARNING: This article contains references to real people. These references are for humorous purposes only and are not intended to offend the people.

Snafuperman (born Kevzspeare Ravelo on March 12, 1992) is one of the craziest superheroes ever existed. His base of operations is at Plaridel, Bulacan, Philippines.

Ancient Fistory[baguhin]

Kevzspeare began his superhero career as Bobbin, on his 15th birthday. When he got tired of his "Bobbin" lifestyle after working with Bratman and Bratgirl, he took on the new name Snafuperman.

Anyway, he had bustups with Batman and his enemies, Superman, Danny Phantom, and Sephiroth.

He also claims that Uncyclopedia makes him happy.

He is afraid of all kinds of coupons; because there may have pictures of scissors on it!! Run away from them, Kevzspeare, run away from them!! Or else the Giant scissors attacks YOU!!


All of the exploits of Snafuperman and his friends are recorded in the following:

  • Bratgirl and Bobbin: Thrillkicker (2007) - Trizzie Soliman (Bratgirl) and Kevzspeare Ravelo (Bobbin) as part of the late 2000s counterculture. Guest starring Dubya Plasmius (the US Emperor who oppresses his own people), Spectra Hatcher (the bitch who made fun about medical schools in the Philippines), Skulker Trump (the billionaire who made people do weird stunts on TV), Technus Gates (the technophile who extorts money from the public by using trial versions of his operating systems and killer apps), Desiree Stefani (the singer turned hardcore porn star), Pariah Grant, Freakshow Poe, "Youngblood" Trillanes, and Ember Mercado. (3 episodes)
  • Bratgirl and Bratman: Thrillkicker with Snafuperman (2008) - After Bobbin's "death", Professor Fritz becomes Bratman and pairs with Bratgirl to take down the people who destroyed his laboratory. Guest starring Snafuperman.
  • Bratman & Captain Flamingo (2007) - Bratman and Captain Flamingo compete each other in a drag race.
  • Bratman & Borat: A Tragedy from Kentuckistan (2010) - Bratman is being abused by Borat Sagdiyev into being an actor.
  • Bratman and Kane: Red Rampage (2011) - Bratman faces off against Kane and the brotherhood of Nod, and must become a cyborg to effectively face his nemesis.
  • Bratman: Binary Storm (2011) - Bratman fights an army of cyborgs led by Liquid Snake in Manila, while battling the hunger for metal that will doom him.
  • Bratman: Crimson Fist (2011) - A now fully-cybernetic Bratman is revived by a tormented Snafuperman, and goes on a killing spree of his former adversaries.
  • Bratman/Danny Phantom: The Box Ghost's Workshop (2007) - Bratman teams up with Danny Phantom to fight ghost smugglers.
  • The Bratman Chronicles
    • Part 1 (Winter 2008): Features the stories Blackface Bratman; The Corpse of Silicon-wing and Curse of Private Snafu.
    • Part 2 (Summer 2009): Features the stories Apocalypse Bitch; Debauchery of Citizen Fritz and Soylent Tale of the Brats.
  • Bratman Versus the 26K (2008) - Professor Fritz participates in Pinoy Super Deal or No Deal, a Philippine version of Deal or No Deal, and wins 10 million pesos.
  • Bratman: The Dumbasses That Came to Manila (2010) - Bratman faces off against the ape men from Planet of the Apes.
  • Bratman: Hooked Plaridel (2010) Manila has been taken over by the Klingons, and escape is impossible. After watching his friends captured by a Borg, the Bratman frees Manila with the help of Snafuperman and a new Bobbin.
  • Bratman: Nose For a Tomb (2009) - Bratman builds himself a nose-shaped tomb, and Snafuperman makes fun of it.
  • Snafuperman, Inc. (2009) - With Snafuperman missing, Jusd Ravelo takes control of the 168th Parallel.
  • Snafuperman: Rising Son of a Bitch (2013) - Snafuperman wakes up in Kentuckistan after realizing that he is struck by a meteor.
  • Snafuperman: Speeding Bastards (2009) - After the death of Professor Fritz in the year 2040, Kevzspeare becomes Bratman.
  • Snafuperman Versus Duck Dodgers (2011) - An insane, peyote-addicted Duck Dodgers invades Earth and Snafuperman arrives to destroy him.

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