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FBT or Family Broadcasting Television is a television channel in the Philippines, Some of the shows are from the US.

ABS-CBN and GMA[baguhin]

Both of ABS-CBN and Global Media Arts Stations. ABS-CBN's Eugenio Lopez and the Zoe Broadcasting Corporation who works with GMA made a contract for a new channel to bring entertainment to families. It launched in October 30 2000.


  • 2000 - The Channel For You!
  • 2003 - Ikaw Ang Bida!
  • Summer 2003 - Summer Na! Bida!
  • Christmas 2003 - A Christmas Like No Other
  • 2004 - Tara Na! Enjoy Na!
  • 2006 - Kasama Ka Sa Saya
  • 2007 - A New Year
  • Summer 2007 - Summer '07
  • Halloween 2007 - Halloween Sa FBT
  • Christmas 2007 - Kasama Ka sa Christmas
  • 2008 - '08 Na!


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List of programs[baguhin]

Here are the List of Programs currently broadcast by the Family Broadcasting Television

News and Public Affairs[baguhin]


International Shows[baguhin]

Saturday Morning Cartoons[baguhin]

Sunday Morning Cartoons[baguhin]

Playground FBT[baguhin]

Afternoon Dramas[baguhin]




Youth Oriented[baguhin]


  • Jaehwa Channel Movie