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Cueshet main.jpg
Origin Philippines, Mordor
Genre Boy Band, Gay
Years Active 2 years ago before they were killed by drunken mob and cult ninjas because of their gay ass music
Label(s) Fag, Gay, just plain butt ugly
Associated Acts Vigorous onstage fellatio, vigorous leg slapping

“Yan ang make up ko, isang box galing Japan!”

~ Jay Justiniani sa his make up kit from Japan

“Pare pachupa naman o!”

~ Ruben Caballero sa Jay Justiniani

Cueshé (pronounced as Q-shit) is a six-member Manila-based pop boyband. They are all gay.


Victims of Cueshe's Plagiarism Promiscuity[baguhin]

  • Silverchair
  • Simple Plan
  • Moonpools and Caterpillars
  • Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual


  • Ruben "Chupaero"/"Samuelito" Caballero - Lead vocals / Rhythm guitar
  • Jay "Jokla"/"Batchoy" (Bayot nga Choychoy) Justiniani - Handsome fatass
  • Jovan "Dingga" Mabini - Lead guitar
  • Jhunjie "Echos" Dosdos - Keyboards / Backup vocals
  • Fritz "Bokleng" Labrado - Bass (Songwriter)
  • Smokey "Pah-Mihn-Ta" Manaloto - Drums (Songwriter)
  • Jinggoy "Syoke" Cariaga - Banana-que/taho/mais/balut vendor (self-proclaimed "band manduruger")

Former Members[baguhin]

Hard core Cueshet fans showin' the love.
  • Chai Alcordo - she-male vocals
  • Brice "Suntec" Rivera - paid screaming faggot fan
  • JM "Stormtrooper" Escucha - autistic geeky bouncer


  • Half Retarded, Half Gay - Debut album as of 2005 (Sony-BMG Music Entertainment)


  • Brokeback Mountain 2: Let's do it in the pwet like a train, paikot tayo - Breakthrough Gay Movie of the Year 2005


  • "Stay In My Ass"
  • "Leave" [ft. Anyone in their right mind.]
  • "Sorry I'm a homo"
  • "Ulan (It's raining men)"
  • "Jay's Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"
  • "Can't Let You Go In My Pwet"
  • "Love Me Now, Hate Me Soon, I'm Gay"
  • "I Want It That Way"
  • "I Like It In The Pwet"
  • "Oh My Gawsh! If That's Where Your Banana Cue Is, Then Where's Mine?" (stayed 1000 years as Top 1)
  • "Back to Me (in my ass)"
  • "Jay's Ass Is Loose " a single by Ruben "Chupaero" Caballero

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